vitamin patches

Vitamin Patches and their working process

Whether individuals are searching for a “fast cure” despite needing to diet to obtain all they require or they are generally health-conscious and constantly on the lookout for a nutritious top-up they don’t have to ingest, multivitamin patches have attracted a lot of interest over the past few years. But there is a lot of rumor and misinformation surrounding multivitamin tattoos, and we’re trying to dispel that.

vitamin patches, also referred to as spots, are intended to take the role of dietary supplements like vitamin D spraying, which is the best vitamin among women above 50. The idea is straightforward: you place a piece of nutritionally dense adhesive material on your epidermis, which subsequently collects the vitamins out from the patchwork.

vitamin patches

Transdermal drug delivery is what this is known as, which is nothing new; in reality, it’s similar to nicotine replacement, which addicts use to satiate urges while attempting to quit. But even while this technology has a strong foundation in the area of tobacco, how much proof is available regarding nutrition? The response to the question “do multivitamin tattoos work?” is trickier to ascertain than it initially seems.

Patches could seem like a fantastic option if you don’t enjoy taking pills and dislike getting injected. Learn additional information about this growing phenomenon at health food stores worldwide and web by reading further. Is this a reliable way to acquire our recommended daily intake of nutrients, or are they just too promising to be true? Utilizing nanotechnology, these sticky strips promise to transfer nutrients via the pores of the skin to the bloodstream.

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