lawn care business insurance

Have general liability insurance for lawn care business

Learn how to protect your investment with our guide to lawn care insurance. You know how much work you put into your business. We will discuss the general liability insurance for the lawn care business. It is a good idea to consider protecting the business from various problems.

If your business has general liability lawn mowing insurance, it will protect you from suits and claims for property damage and bodily injury (such as injuries sustained by a customer).

Suppose you are mowing a lawn, and you accidentally dent a client’s car, which is parked far closer to the edge of the lawn than is usual. It’s your entire fault after you misjudge the distance when rounding a corner. It’s understandable that the customer is not happy with the work you’ve done on their lawn, and spends more time lamenting over the damage to their vehicle.

lawn care business insurance

If you damage their car, they expect you to pay for the repairs, but you recently bought new equipment for your business; you can’t afford hundreds to fix a small dent. If you have general liability lawn mowing insurance, you can file a claim to cover the costs of the car repair.

While putting other tools in your truck, you left a rake lying on the ground. One of your customers trips over the rake while loading their vehicle and sprains their wrist. Medical care for your customer would be covered by general liability insurance.

With general liability insurance dealing with the claims will be a pleasant process when you choose the right company.

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