There are times when you are unable to get turned on anymore. It happens eventually to everyone. At times, people wonder as why suddenly they don’t have compelling and incredible desire for their partners. They start asking themselves some of the big questions as “Why doesn’t he or she turns you on now” where did his or her love going?” and more. As per one expert, the mantra that he selects to live by is, “truth is simple” and it really applies well on such a situation. Unless you have hormone imbalance or medical condition that can make you feel less sexy and you cannot find these magic sweet and sexy spots with main, the cause is majorly one thing, lack of the emotional & mental connection. Not only lack of the connection with the partner, but also with yourself.

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The brain is the largest organ of sex and if you are not feeling connected and sexy, it can also mean that you are not connecting on such emotional levels. Einstein also said it once, when he stated that, “issue need to be clearly resolved 6 layers down from where it presented” & sex is highest tier of the communication. So if you are not talking & bonding in all these ways which matter, sex will not happen in the way it was earlier. Thus, it is important to have connection and you should realize that everyone is 100 per cent responsible for their own and for their happiness in every relationship. elistcrawler can boost your sexual life easily.

Sex is also the symptom of the deeper issues which need to be solved and when people are not aware of the underlying problems, the “turn on switch” gets flipped off and people become unable in feeling that the love and passion that once they had for their partners, is not loss, it is just hidden. What can assist in such a situation is, asking you some of the meaningful and deep questions & answers in a trusted way than with the radical honesty. If you are turned off from partner, then try answering some of the questions for better understanding how you can get the things back on the track.