A Healthier Mixer For Your Limo Drinks

Celebratory moods are often exacerbated and accentuated by the use of alcohol, and this has been a time honored tradition for humans all around the world taking part in all kinds of different cultures for millennia by this point. Once all has been said and is now out of the way, you might realize that the manner in which we currently consume alcohol is rather unhealthy. The reason behind this is that we tend to drink a bit too much of it sometimes, but even if you drink moderately the way you actually consume these beverages might cause ill health regardless of what other activities you might be doing to truly boost your health in other ways.

One contributor to alcohol being so bad for you is that you might mix it into soft drinks and the like. These drinks contain a lot of sugar, so if you use them in your cocktails on a limo bus Greensboro then this would result in you consuming massive amounts of calories and gaining weight not to mention putting yourself at risk of serious and life threatening diseases such as diabetes and hypertension.

What you need is an alternative to soda as a mixer, one that can make your drinks a great deal healthier than might have been the case otherwise. Flavored water that is sparkling can be great for this sort of thing. It has a lovely taste to it that can pair really well with alcohol, but it usually doesn’t contain any calories at all. This makes it so that you can drink as many cocktails as you like without putting yourself at risk for weight gain among other potential negative effects.

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